Remote NOC Infra Management Service

iCastX Technologies Video Advisory administrations concentrate on the Service, Technology and Operational procedure advancement and usage for its clients. We enable our client to empower their cloud system where the pertinent business procedures or innovation is in like manner re-designed.

Our specialist has a profound segment related involvement, having worked with supporters, innovation accomplices and administrators over the local and global.

Below are some of key service features:

  • Video service management through "iCastX Technologies Video Operation Centre
  • Full FCAP & ITIL Service Management Compliant
  • Specialized Video Monitoring Tool including probes
  • Experienced Video team managing the NOC & Helpdesk
  • End-to-End helpdesk, service, incident and performance
  • 24/7 facility including onsite dashboard extension
  • Onsite or Remote NOC Facility Management